I love the game Civilization for my Playstation 3. However I could not play any online games against other players without a friggin headset!

There was no way in heck I was about to spill out $40.00 though for a bluetooth headset for gaming. I figured one with wires would be fine, and when I came across the Datel – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 for only $20.99 I figured it was a damn good deal. I didn’t actually care about chatting with other players, so likely I wouldn’t even wear it, I just needed the stupid thing to be plugged in to play online.

I get home with my headset, open the box, and… ugh, something pissed me off the moment I looked at the headsets USB. It was missing the metal USB encasement! I basically just got a USB without the USB’s protective metal piece. It annoyed me like nobody’s business, because now the USB was loose when plugged in, without the metal teeth the thing flew out of the port every time I so much as moved the headset.

This was my first issue, and I knew it would likely be nothing but downhill from there.

Seeing how I wasn’t in a rush out to burn gas to go all the way back to the store for a replacement, I went ahead and used it anyway. I figured I’d pack it up and return it next time I was out.

Luckily the PS3 did in fact recognize the headset even though it was loosely in the USB port.

I followed the directions to making the PS3 recognize the headset. The directions are vague and tell you to go into the settings and into device input- their directions though labeled one of the folders wrong, which was another piss off moment. If writing directions, at least name the goddamn folders with the correct name!!!

With a little hunting and pecking you find the right settings to make the headset recognized. How annoying though! Had they just labeled things correctly I could have saved myself a few minutes.

Anyhow, once the Datel – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 was recognized, from the screen I could then adjust the headsets volume/sensitivity settings. It sounded like it was working so I went ahead and began an online gaming session.

This is where I had trouble. The game recognized the Datel – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3, but I heard nothing, and no one could hear me. What a crock! What a waste!

The other issue was the headsets wire length. It was too short to sit back comfortably in my bed to play. I had to sit up, right up on my TV in order to keep the thing on my head.

The Datel – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 promised crystal clear hearing, high quality, and a high precision microphone. It was neither. It never worked, it came with the crappiest USB plug in I have ever seen, and it is not high quality. It’s low quality, cheap, and could break very, very easily.

After picking this $20.00 piece of junk headset up, I regretted it later on, wishing I just would of went with the higher end $40.00 bluetooth headset.


Datel – Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 is junk. Don’t buy this one. There is a reason why it’s the cheapest headset on the shelf. It’s garbage. If you want a reliable gaming headset for your PS3, use a higher end headset, and totally skip on anything that involves wires!